Mariana Cortez

“I have been a NIHHC volunteer since 2005 and am thankful for what they have done for the underserved community throughout the years. I know that any monetary donation will be used well for different programs and events that they organize throughout the year.

The following are the reasons that you should consider to make the NIHHC a recipient of a donation:
First: They have helped more than ten thousand families since 2002 with free screenings, education, and referrals to local physicians and other resources that exist in the area.
Second: They work hard to improve the health-related needs of our community. They care about changing lives, people’s health, and their well-being in general.
Third: They have a network of over 200 volunteers who believe in the NIHHC’s mission and who participate at their events, including various health fairs and educational programs offered by the NIHHC. They care about building leaders in the community and offer trainings and programs that help NIHHC volunteers grow as human beings so that they become assets for this community. The NIHHC helps volunteers build confidence, character, and compassion.
Fourth: The NIHHC has had high expectations since the beginning and they are now serving more than one county. Thus, they are reaching more people in need. Moreover, the NIHHC doesn’t duplicate services. They are always looking for ways to involve other local organizations and business at their events.
Fifth: The local community trusts the NIHHC and has been attending their events they have organized. Some programs and events include annual health fairs and programs designed to improve the knowledge of health-related issues regarding heart disease, nutrition, and depression.”

– Mariana Cortez
NIHHC Volunteer

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