The Northern Health Hispanic Health Coalition has been very successful in outreaching the local community. It has resulted in recognition by local corporations in the form of funding and grants. In addition, NIHHC has recently received several awards. They include:

  1. In 2006 NIHHC was awarded the Coalition of the Year from IMHC among 17 state coalitions.
  2. In 2006 Liliana Quintero the executive director received the Unsung Latina Heroine award for northern Indiana from IUSB.
  3. In 2007 Liliana Quintero the executive director received the Hero award for northern Indiana from the American Heart association.
  4. In 2007 Liliana Quintero the executive director received the Women of Service award from the YWCA.
  5. In 2009 the NIHHC was awarded the Coalition of the Year from IMHC among 29 state coalitions.
  6. In 2013 the NIHHC was awarded the Coalition of the Year from IMHC among 29 state coalitions.


NIHHC’s mission is to provide preventative health care programs to the community through education, advocacy, physician referral, research, and the building of leadership among Hispanics, so that they may lead healthier lifestyles.

You have the opportunity to impact a community by becoming a financial partner, sponsoring an activity, or volunteering your time or services.
Please call us at 574.522.0966, email us at info@nihhc.com.

Donate your Time

If you are interested in Volunteering with us, please visit our Volunteer Page or fill out the form below and select Become a Volunteer”.


All programs and services are free of charge to the community. However, there are considerable costs involved in holding our events. We only partner with reputable local health care providers and offer high quality services. Because of this our participants trust us and have come to expect such. If you would like to support our work and help bring these services to the community please consider becoming a member.

How can I become a member of the NIHHC?

To become a member of the NIHHC, please download, fill out and submit the following form. You may submit it electronically through e-mail or through the contact form below. You can also send it to us via fax/mail.

English: Individual membership  or Corporative membership

español: membresia individual o membresia corporativa

Financial Donations

Maria Gómez, community member from Elkhart

 DSCN0893“This non-profit organization makes a great impact on the Hispanic community. The NIHHC educates the community about health issues. They also provide free immunizations, medical screenings, etc.”

Flor Valdez, NIHHC´s staff member

 photo 1“The NIHHC is a great organization whose main goal is to serve the underprivileged communities of Northern Indiana. The NIHHC not only offers free health screenings, but also offers educational classes where individuals can learn more about their health condition and treating or preventing diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. The NIHHC is an organization that is always seeking new ways to help those in need. For these reasons I want to thank the NIHHC for a job well done.”

Lisa Koshnick

 misc2006healthfairetc 030“This organization is providing vital screenings for members of our community. They also provide education for those who are not aware of what the “numbers” of their screenings mean and provide the tools to lead healthier lives. Their work in our local school addresses the life threatening problems of obesity in children. The NIHHC organizes local community fairs and provides free health screenings.”

Gloria Chavarría, volunteer and staff member from Maple City

 Lowe foundation32“The NIHHC is doing an outstanding job helping those in need who have health issues or desire to improve their health, bringing the community closer.”

Sherry Wenger MN.RN, Associate Professor of Nursing at Goshen College

 hlhcec_10“The NIHHC is doing a great job on behalf of the growing Hispanic community. The NIHHC advocates for their health needs and has done a remarkable job especially in providing crucial screenings and referrals to the uninsured and underinsured with the many health fairs they have organized over the years. This has helped identify those at-risk for various health issues.”

Jesús Campos, community member from Goshen

 DSC04961“The NIHHC is an organization that genuinely cares and whose services are of great benefit to the community.”

Rosa Hernández, community member from Elkhart

 nihhc_august18fair_29“The NIHHC cares about low-income families and organizes health fairs once or twice a year, or as often as needed to provide much-needed services. Additionally, the NIHHC provides referrals to accessible health clinics for mammograms.”

Yumi Otsuka, NIHHC volunteer

 nihhc_august18fair_94The NIHHC does so much for the community with limited resources. If they had more resources, they would be able to purchase new equipment and provide better preventive care to the community. With a growing Hispanic population, the NIHHC’s work is very important both in the short and long term.“

Ellie Gerig, staff member from Maple City

 IMG_9904“The NIHHC is a valuable resource to the community and beyond, especially for those without a family doctor. I definitely recommend looking to this organization for help.”

Cilvia Calderón, volunteer and staff member from Maple City

 nihhc_august18fair_20“Foundations and private organizations should donate to and support the NIHHC because they care for the health of the community; your donations will allow them to continue serving the community.“