Executive Board

Saulo I. Delgado, President

Saulo I. Delgado
one of the board’s newest members, is an attorney at Sanders Pianowski LLP. He brings strategic planning and leadership skills to the board. His Hispanic roots give him the passion to use his expertise to make a difference in the lives of Hispanics and other minorities.

Andy Spite Vice-President
Andy Spite

Andy Spite is the President/CEO of Pinnacle Seating, Inc. His networking skills have proven to be a great asset for the NIHHC’s various fund raising efforts. The NIHHC is grateful to have such a generous board member who has leased the Elkhart office at a reduced rate for the past 3 years. Andy is proud to support the underprivileged communities of Northern Indiana.

Toshua WilliamsSecretary
Toshua Williams

Toshua Williams works for Press Ganey as an IT Portfolio Management Analyst. Her experience in interacting with minorities and responding to their health needs has added to the NIHHC’s cultural competence. Toshua was attracted to the NIHHC because of its goal to improve the health of our community by providing the necessary resources to those in need.

Mario Teixeira

Mario Teixeira is the Operations Manager at Strikes & Spares Entertainment Center, where is responsible for general operations and business development, particularly in organizing fundraisers and benefits.  As a new member to the board, he is excited to bring his experience and background towards continuing the terrific work the NIHHC has accomplished over the years.

Juan Carlos Diaz Quezada, a Navigator and Certified Application Counselor at Maple City Health Care Center

Juan Carlos Diaz Quezada, is a Navigator and Certified Application Counselor at Maple City Health Care Center.  His work focuses on helping community members navigate state and government based insurance with an emphasis on advocacy. He holds close the values of the center which are integration, empowerment and relationships of the community.

He is also a member of the grassroots organization ComUNIDAD based in Goshen, Indiana. The goals of this group are to advocate for and integrate Latinos into the community in sectors such as education, politics, business etc. Through this organization he has learned that cooperation, relationships and support are essential for change in a community.

He believes that in order for our communities to continue with progress we need to focus on health, education, equality and empowerment for all. That if those who are marginalized continue to be forgotten then we have forgotten who we are as a community. We must advocate for and love each other because we are all one family regardless of differences.

Mariana Cortez English teacher at Pierre Moran Middle School

Mariana Cortez is an English teacher from high school in Elkhart Pierre Moran. As a volunteer since 2005 Mariana has grown and learned not only herself but also her community through all events, training and community meetings led by NIHHC. Talents and skills in communication Mariana and its close relationship with the community help advance the mission of the NIHHC!

Anthony England Director of Student Services of Elkhart Community Schools

Anthony England  is the Director of Student Services in Elkhart Community Schools. His passion for equality and inclusion, their desire for a healthier life for all children, and his great performance as a therapist and educator, makes an important and valuable to the board of the NIHHC element.


Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez has a Master of Business Administration – Finance from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana and a Professional Degree – Economics from the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. He currently serves as Senior Vice President and is the Business Banking Sales Leader of KeyBank, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Juan lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.