All the programs and events that the NIHHC offers to the community are evidence-based. The NIHHC offers different trainings to volunteers so that they can become successful facilitators.

The NIHHC has sponsored leadership trainings for the past 5 years in partnership with the Edward Lowe Foundation. The main goal of the trainings is to empower and motivate outstanding NIHHC’s volunteers through interactive activities to strengthen and identify their leadership and management skills. The information learned in this training allowed them to play a significant role while serving the community during the NIHHC’s events and activities as well as in their daily lives with work, school, and their families. Also, the NIHHC’s director has attended on a regular basis the yearly trainings sponsored by the Elkhart County Community Foundation and led by the Edward Lowe Foundation. The participants, not-for-profit CEOs of Elkhart County, learned more about leadership and successful management skills.